Podcast Episode #7: Tsoniki Crazy Bull of Me Being Crafty

Tsoniki Crazy Bull is the host of the Me Being Crafty podcast along with a Lakota/Shoshone-Paiute Native American sewist living in France with her family.  We met when she was living in San Diego and came to a San Diego Modern Quilt Guild meeting.  Since then, we have stayed in touch via Instagram.  When she asked me to be on her podcast, I was honored to talk with her.  Once I knew I was going to pursue my interest in diversity within the quilting community, her name immediately came up as a podcast guest.  We talk about her experience growing up on a reservation, how she found her creative community while frequently moving and what she feels seeing other people interpret Native American work.

Tsoniki Podcast

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Show Notes:

Rebecca Roach

Fat Quarterly Retreat

Indian and Cowboy Network

North Plains Tribal Art Market

I hope you enjoy the episode.  Thank you for listening!


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      Thank you, Cindy! (And I love binge listening/watching! I think I went through the entire series of Gilmore Girls in a week!)

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