Podcast Episode #9: Paul Hallinger of EvilDemonDevilDog

Paul and I “met” on Instagram (you can follow him here) over a year ago.  (I’m starting to notice a pattern of me “meeting” people on Instagram…)  I am not sure what first attracted me to his instagram account but I know what keeps me interested in his work is the blend of traditional and modern quilting, his use of color and passion for the community.  For some amazing reason, Paul decided to bless Miss No No with a piece of his work during one of his “random acts of Paul.”

Unicorn Quilt made by Paul Hallinger

This adorable mini quilt (pattern by Kristy of Quiet Play) sits above Miss No No’s changing table and is seen many times a day by her.  She absolutely loves it!

Even if he did not make something for Miss No No, I still would have loved Paul.  He is a genuine quilter who cares about this community, honestly shares his perspective and creates beautiful work.  You can find his latest creations for Katarina Roccella‘s newest fabric line, Skopeloshere.

During the podcast, we talk about how he became a quilter, his “real life” job, sewing for others and how he approaches “hermit” sewing.  I loved recording with him and hope you enjoy the podcast.


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Show Notes:

Space Dust quilt a long with Quilt Dad and Evil Demon Devil Dog

Katarina Rocella’s Skopelos Blog Hop

Quilters Mixology book

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  2. Such a great podcast! So here is my connection with Paul. I was one of the quilters in the book Modern Bee by Lindsay Conner. Paul was in one of the many IG bees based on that book. So one of the blocks he chose was mine. My husband does fused glass work and Paul commissioned him to recreate that block in glass. It was great.

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