5 Lessons from Craftcation 2015

Craftcation 2015

On Monday, I released my podcast with Nicole Stevenson and Delilah Snell of dear handmade life.  I talk quite a bit about my experience attending Craftcation and have reviewed my experience last year here.  So what did I learn from this year’s conference?

1.  Only say yes to things you want to make out with!”-Tiffany Han.  There are so many demands on our time.  This quote reminded me to do the things we truly love.  As a side note, she has a great Instagram account and posts daily post it notes like this one:


2. Just keep making.  What is the worst thing that could happen? While I say this often to other makers, this lesson really hit home when I was taking a “Mighty Ugly” workshop with Kim Werker. Based on her book with the same name, we went through a creative exercise of making something deliberately ugly.  Just sitting down and creating with others, I learned quite a bit about my creative process.  At one point, there was purple yarn on the table and I caught myself saying I couldn’t use it on my piece because it’s ugly and purple can’t be ugly!  WOW.  My love for purple is deep.  Kim inspired me to “just make” as well as continued to keep me laughing throughout the weekend. Here we are playing around in the podcast booth:

Kim W and I in the podcast booth

3. “You can do everything, just not all at the same time.”- Elise Blaha Cripe I have followed Elise’s blog for a few years.  When she moved to San Diego, I was so excited!  During a panel about the realities of being an entrepreneur, she had this sage advice.  It’s all about priorities.

4. I have soulmates I haven’t even met yet!  You can take hands on classes through Craftcation.  When I stepped into my indigo dying class with Kaari from French General, I noticed that Meighan O’Toole was also in the class.  I didn’t recognize her face.  I recognized her voice.  Coincidentally, I had a four hour drive to the conference and spent that time catching up on podcasts.  Meighan kept me company for three out of the four hours.  Just hearing her voice gave me a bit of a fan girl moment.  I walked up to her and introduced myself.  She was so welcoming and genuinely interested in my (naive!!!) questions.  In that moment, she made me feel I was supposed to be at this conference and in this moment.  We chatted at our dye buckets and have continued our relationship since I left.  And here is the beauty I made:

Indigo Bag by Crafty Planner

5.  Surround yourself with beauty and your creativity will flow.  Have I mentioned Craftcation is held in Ventura, CA?  It is simply gorgeous.

2015-03-26 06.59.31

See!?!  Whether it was the view outside of the classes held on the top floor or taking a walk outside, being next to the beach is simply amazing.

I feel lucky I was able to attend Craftcation this year and last.  I sincerely hope I get to attend next year too.  It is an experience unlike any other and I thank both Nicole and Delilah for all of their time and energy.

For my final thoughts:

Do what you love!

Surround yourself with amazing and supportive people.  If you don’t know those people yet, find them!

You are amazing right now!


Be present.

And love, just love.

Radmegan and I



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