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By the Block book review and make

When I was nursing our daughter, I often had time for one handed activities on my phone. My instagram addiction began… Since I was often nursing late at night, I ended up learning about the quilters in Australia and New Zealand. One of those exciting quilters is Siobhan Rogers. When I was asked if I wanted to review her latest book, By the Block: 18 Surprisingly Simple Quilts, (Interweave/F+W; $26.99), I quickly said yes.

Before I even opened the book, I fell in love with the quilt on the cover.

By the Block by Siobhan Rogers

After reading through the book, I knew I wanted to make one of the quilts. The tough decision was picking just one (at least for now…).

I was really tempted by this Camouflage Quilt:Camouflage Quilt by Siobhan Rogers

I appreciated the illustrations such as the one for Hugs and Kisses below along with the guidance on ironing the seams so you can nest them during the quilt top piecing.

Hugs and Kisses Instructions

Ultimately, I went with Deco. It looks like two hearts combined into one. I love hearts! 

Deco Quilt by Siobhan Rogers

Here is my version:

Deco Quilt by Crafty Planner

I love how this quilt came out! I used my precious Katie Jump Rope fabric from Denyse Schmidt along with my collection of low volume prints from various designers.

While I felt the illustrations were excellent for the pattern, my only suggestion would be for exact dimensions to be included for the scrappy quilt blocks (quarter log cabins). It’s my perfectionist tendency to make sure the block is finishing at the right size as I’m developing the block. Otherwise, I enjoyed making the quilt and think the final result is excellent.

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