Toddler Backpack by Crafty Planner

The Traveling Toddler Backpack

When our daughter transitioned to being able to carry her own backpack, we were so excited! We might have thrown a party… okay, the party was in my head but it was still a great moment in childhood! Seeing as how she was her own pack mule, I decided to make her a cute backpack to take with her. Awhile ago, I purchased this Toddler Backpack pattern from Made by Rae.

Backpack pattern = CHECK

Now I needed to decide what fabric I wanted to use. Anyone who sews knows the fabric choice decision can take longer than the sewing time. I decided to make my life “easier” and let Miss No No choose.

Here were her choices:

Echino Fabric Choices by Crafty Planner

I wanted to use a heavier weight fabric to make the backpack more durable. Here are her final choices for the backpack.

Toddler Backpack Fabric Choices by Crafty Planner

Fabric = CHECK

Off to work, I went! I printed out the instructions and cut out the pattern. The pattern pieces are designed well and have dimensions on pieces that can be cut without a template. I always make notes on my pattern in case I want to use the pattern again. Everyone reads/learns differently so my pattern notes have been helpful in the past. I am not sure exactly how long it took me to make the backpack. Aside from being confused about sewing in the bottom panel, I found the pattern to be easy to follow.

As soon as I gave her the backpack, she decided to wear it! We were installing a window air conditioning unit at the time but look at how cute it looks! (Do you see the cat photobomb? Mr. Monkey was very interested in his new open space between the house and the front yard!)

Toddler Backpack by Crafty PlannerWe decided to go to our local u-pick organic apple orchard and took along her backpack.

Before we got to the orchard, we stopped at a gorgeous look out point by Mount Laguna.

Toddler Backpack by Crafty PlannerNext stop was the orchard. I had visions of how cute the backpack would look surrounded by apple trees. My vision somewhat came true.

[twocol_one]Toddler Backpack by Crafty Planner[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Toddler Backpack by Crafty Planner[/twocol_one_last] I have to share one more picture. My husband took this picture.

All the Handmade in the Orchard by Crafty Planner

I love seeing all of the handmade in this picture. My shirt is a Scout Tee made with Anna Maria Horner’s Loominous fabric. My bag is a modified Super Tote and made from a variety of prints with Melody Miller’s print as the primary print. Love, love, love!

And that was the last time we saw her backpack… I might have left it perfectly posed at the Orchard. Or somewhere else. So the traveling backpack will keep traveling, hopefully back to our house!

If I make another one (and I might), I would interface the pieces and make the suggested lining at the same time. I think the backpack would be even better with more structure. Otherwise, I’m in love!

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      Thank you, Pam! We did stop and get a caramel dutch apple pie from Julian Pie Company. My Dad had never had one and I thought that needed to be remedied as soon as possible!

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      Hi! I’m not sure where the fabric came from. 🙁 I recycled a fabric giftbag. I assume it’s a Kokka but I could be wrong. I’m sorry!

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