Podcast One Year Anniversary!

It is my one year anniversary of the Crafty Planner Podcast!

I started the podcast on a lark. Looking for ways to encourage others during my Learn More, Sew More challenge, I offered podcasts as an option for guest contributors. Luckily, Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness took me up on my offer. As soon as I read her email, I looked at my husband and said, “I guess we better figure out this podcast production thing”. HA! With technical help from Spunmonkey, I set up the podcast.

Sara Lawson Podcast with Crafty Planner

Little did I know then that the podcast would become a pivotal part of my creative process. Initially, I asked other creative people I knew to be on the show. These people (like Christine Haynes) inspire me and I know they have so much to share. I wanted to share their stories with other people.

After Quilt Con last year, I realized there was a diversity in the quilting world that seemed to go untapped. I dedicated myself to exploring that topic through interviews with Chawne Kimber, Tsoniki Crazy Bull, Paul Hallinger and so many more. It was hard to hit publish on some of these episodes. I was not sure about the response. However, all I have heard (again, a filtered response) has been good. Even if people do not agree with the guest, they appreciate knowing more.

Crafty Planner podcast area

Along the way, I was asked about how I am able to spend my (and my husband’s) time working on the podcast. Initially, I funded the podcast through other means and eventually decided to ask for donations. Through a major lobbying effort (thank you, Amy!), I decided to accept selective ads. (Thank you so much to Creativebug, Fat Quarter Shop, imagine gnats, Textillia, Sew Modern, Sewtopia and more for supporting me!)

Now I am honored to host monthly interviews for the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club and have a few other surprises planned. Several other podcasts have died off this past year (including the incredibly inspirational What’s Your Story with Meighan O’Toole) but for now, I am here to stay. To give you an idea of the reach of the podcast, as of February 17th, 2016, there have been

  • 123,000 listens of the podcast
  • 47,000 of those listens have been in the last three months
  • My most downloaded episode is with Tula Pink
  • 76% of listeners live in the United States, 7% in Australia, 6% in Canada, 4% in Great Britain and the rest is mixed.

I could not have reached these numbers without my listeners. Thank YOU! Thank you for listening and letting me be a part of your world.

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  1. You are an amazing woman! I first started listening to you right after you had your first podcast with Sara, I have been listening to podcasts since the 2004, PokerRoad Radio, 2 jacks in the hole, retronauts, and Now Playing, (before the big podcast boom (also mostly at work in corporate america, because i could sit and listen all day while I worked) Thank you for bringing another quality podcast to the pool, love it and look forward to listening every week! <3 to many many more years of tapping into the sewing community!

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  2. Congratulations! I’ve enjoyed your podcast so much, and I hope you’ll continue podcasting for a long time to come. I appreciate how you’re simultaneously professional and warm in your interviews, always intelligent and informed. You ask great questions! Yours has become one of my favorite podcasts and I look forward to every new episode. Thanks!

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      Thank you, Yvonne! It was great to see you this weekend. (And if I can’t convince the husband to buy a kit, maybe I should keep working on the long arm!)

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