Podcast Episode # 63: AnneMarie Chany

Anne Marie Chany on the Crafty Planner podcast

After learning how to quilt, I sought out other local modern quilters to form the San Diego Modern Quilt Guild. Around the same time, AnneMarie Chany of Gen X Quilters was also looking to make that connection. She decided to start her website and hoped by calling it “Gen X”, she would find other modern/younger crafters in the virtual world. Little did she know, we were all there and her website would be a connective resource.

As a pattern designer, quilter, author, teacher, wife and mother, AnneMarie’s website is one of the first ways I learned about her. After joining quilt block swaps on Flickr, I started looking for online quilt block tutorials to send to my bee mates. There are several that listed block names with links/tutorials but her quilt block library was the first one I found using thumbnail images above the quilt blocks. Instead of clicking hundreds of links and not knowing if it was the right choice, I used her library to find the exact block right away. After that point, I knew she was a valuable resource and have continued to follow her.

When Patrick of QuiltyBox said AnneMarie would be the May designer, I couldn’t wait to learn more about her process and share in her journey. (You can read more about her choices here.) During our podcast, we talk about her modern interpretation of traditional quilts, her love of sampler quilts and her transition from engineering to quilting. I hope you enjoy the episode!

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Notes from the Show:

Sherri Lynn Wood

AnneMarie’s Sister Sampler Quilts book

Brenda Ratliff‘s Pie Making Day fabric line

Alison Glass (and you can hear my podcast with her here)

AnneMarie’s Patchwork Auditions

AnneMarie’s Quilt Block Library


This episode is sponsored by Quilty Box and RJR Fabrics

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