Podcast Episode # 64 : Jack Edson

Jack Edson on the Crafty Planner podcast

During a conversation with Bill Volkening about art quilters, he mentioned the work of art quilter Jack Edson. I had never heard of him so I began exploring Jack’s quilts.

Eakins, Flute Player by Jack Edson (photograph by Bill Volkening, used with permission)

Eakins, Flute Player by Jack Edson (photograph by Bill Volkening, used with permission)

Living in Hamburg, New York, Jack is an art collector, self taught sewer and trained librarian. He began his quilting journey after seeing two quilt shows in 1976. After seeing the attention to detail and patchwork pictorial style, I wanted to host him on the podcast. During our conversation, we talk about taking chances while making, art versus craft, gender and the inspiration behind his quilts .

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Notes from the Show:

Molli Sparkles Blog Post about Gender Quilts

Susan Rothenberg

Cindy Sherman

John Singer Sargent

Chuck Close


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