Podcast Episode # 74: Kim Werker

Kim Werker on the Crafty Planner podcast

(Headshot Credit to Miranda Lievers)

A self proclaimed adult camp counselor, Kim Werker embodies enthusiasm, fun and creativity. Through her years of experience in making, publishing and inspiring, Kim combines all of her skills to help others find the creativity in their life. At Craftcation, she taught her Make It Mighty Ugly workshop based on her book, inspiring us to make something intentionally ugly. The lessons from the workshop led to epiphanies and creative break throughs for several of the participants. (I know I have mentioned my reaction to using purple yarn as being “impossible” to use to make something ugly!)

The workshop with Kim (and an excellent panel she moderated on managing parenting and work) left me inspired to try, try, try. As I have hit creative blocks in my practice, I have returned to her lessons for inspiration. During our podcast, we talk about her book, Make it Mighty Ugly, how she became the first editor of Interweave Crochet and how everyone is creative in their own way. As a warning, this episode has been labeled explicit due to colorful language.

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Notes from the Show:

Lisa Congdon

Alisa Burke

Knitty magazine


Interweave Crochet

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  1. So much fun! I totally feel Kim on the BS front-never thought of it as a positive skill but I can see how it could be.

    Thanks, again, for a great podcast!

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  3. I wish I had half of the energy and enthusiasm of Kim. I think she just makes people feel good. And don’t worry, I’m a bit of a Kim stalker too (the harmless kind, I swear).

    I really like the idea of looking at starting things being a strength instead of not finishing something being a weakness. I feel like that a lot with all of the various “____ a day/week/month etc. challenges” I start and never finish because I’m SO excited at the outset, but then I get over it and want to do something else.

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