Podcast Episode 88: Sarah Nishiura

Sarah Nishiura on the Crafty Planner podcast

Sometimes I don’t remember exactly how I discover an artist. It might be an instagram post or a referral from someone else. With Sarah Nishiura, I remember exactly how I discovered her. I searched Pinterest for modern quilts and came across this picture two years ago:

Sarah Nishiura

Since I love hearts, I instantly saw the red/orange/pink pieces as free floating hearts. This is still one of my favorite quilts. I remember immediately looking for Sarah on instagram and couldn’t find her. (She can now be found here.) So I kept searching for her quilts and to learn more about her story. On a phone call with Heidi Parkes, I happened to mention Sarah. Heidi told me that Sarah was joining Instagram and that I should reach out to her for a podcast interview. I’m grateful for Heidi’s suggestion (and Sarah’s acceptance) as it led me to our discussion today. Living in Chicago, Sarah and I talk about how she integrates her love for thrifting into her quilting, our shared Japanese heritage and how she teaches quilting. I hope you enjoy the episode.

Notes from the Show:

The Art of Gaman by Delphine Hirasuna 

Heart Mountain Internment Camp

Eva Zeisel

Studio Kotokoto

Red & White Quilts: Infinity Variety presented by the American Folk Art Museum


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