Jennifer Moore of Monaluna {Quilty Box April Episode}

As the founder, sole designer and store owner of Monaluna, Jennifer Moore is committed to a sustainable lifestyle, whether someone is making themselves or wanting to buy sustainable products. After working for Pottery Barn and Target along with licensing with Robert Kaufman Fabrics and Birch Fabrics, Jennifer decided to expand her modern design aesthetic into her own organic fabric company. Using inspiration from her every day life in Walnut Creek, California, Jennifer’s designs translate into fun home decor, gorgeous garments and clean aesthetically pleasing quilts.

During our conversation, we talk about her creative journey, how her life experiences have influenced her design, the importance of creating organic fabric and what she curated for her Quilty Box.

Notes from the Show:

Amy Butler

Denyse Schmidt (you can listen to my podcast with Denyse here)

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification 


This episode is sponsored by Quilty Box. Since 2013, Quilty Box has delivered quilting inspiration to your door each month. Featured artists help curate a collection of the latest fabrics, newest products, and best designs. Treat yourself to a monthly surprise at

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