Dan Rouse {Podcast Episode #108}

As a landscape designer, Dan Rouse has an eye for aesthetically pleasing designs that evoke emotion. His quilts are visual treats with various textures, backgrounds and details. As one of the more prominent male modern quilters, Dan also has the advantage of time in the industry. He has explored fabric dying to find the perfect color, raw edge applique, improv background piecing and now garment sewing. During our conversation, we talk about his design process, why he recommends “white gloving”/volunteering at quilt shows, his advice to making denim quilts and the importance of quilting on your own terms. I hope you enjoy the episode.

Asterism by Dan Rouse

Asterism by Dan Rouse

Notes from the Show:

East Bay Modern Quilters

Glam and Camp Stitch a Lot

Jacquie Gering (and my podcast with her here and here)

Amanda Jean Nyberg (and my podcast with her)

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      1. Ah, but the Northern CA theme makes it very cosy. (: I’d rather hear a warm, engaged interview where y’all share some things, yet it’s accessible to those of us who don’t live and craft near y’all, than you continually push so hard out of your comfort zone to interview People With Whom You Share Nothing that we’re ALL uncomfortable. Yes, difference is nice, but so is just being comfy with a cup of coffee and frames of reference that overlap.

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  1. I love Dan’s work and his gentle spirit. I was lucky enough to be at the small campstitchalot with him and Amanda Jean, Jacquie, and Rossie. Really enjoyed that weekend and looking forward to seeing Dan’s future work. Thanks Sandi ……another great podcast.

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      Gentle is a great way to describe Dan. So much talent and thoughtfulness. I’m glad I had the opportunity to chat with him. Thanks for listening, Vickie. (And every time I say “hello”, I think of you!)

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