Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi {Podcast Episode # 114}

Today’s podcast guest is Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi. Carolyn is a quilt historian, curator, author, lecturer, artist, wife and mother. She also founded the African American Quilt Guild of Los Angeles and the Women of Color Quilters Network. Passionate about educating the public about African American quilts, Carolyn has curated 17 exhibits including the largest travel exhibit of African American quilts called “Still We Rise: Race, Culture and Visual Conversations” along with having her own quilts in over 70 exhibits. She was named the National Heritage Fellow by the National Endowment for the Arts in 2014 and the Distinguished Scholar and celebrated artist lifetime achievement award by Faith Ringgold’s Anyone Can Fly Foundation. She was inducted into the Quilters Hall of Fame Museum in 2016.

During our conversation, we talk about what she considers to be her greatest achievement, dispelling the myth of what an African American quilt might look like, why quilts are her passion, the line between inspiration and appropriation along with art being reflective of a community’s social, political and cultural current. As a warning, there are a few explicit words. I hope you enjoy the episode.

Notes from the Show:

Eli Leon

Congressman John Lewis

Women of Color Quilter’s Network

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  1. Crafty Planner,

    Thank you for the thought provoking and “real” discussion with Dr. Mazloomi. This type of conversation is so necessary in our country right now. As a mother of a 7 year old brown child, I want my son to know the significant contributions the people he is half from made to this country. We are the fiber of this country just as any other race. We were here, we are here, we will continue to be here. Listening to this healthy dialogue between two women that love the arts and were genuinely interested in sharing of themselves made my heart happy today.

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      I’m glad the podcast was meaningful for you. I believe the answer to a lot of our problems is honest and thoughtful dialogue where we try to understand different perspectives. It makes my heart happy to know that we are continuing that conversation.


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