Esme Tunic {Garment Sewing Challenge}

When choosing what garment I wanted to make this month, I decided to observe what garments I frequently took out of my closet and also how I felt when I wore them. Despite the ninety degree weather this week, I know (or maybe it is really hope!) cooler weather will be here soon. What do I wear that makes me feel amazing and can work in warm and cool weather? I also came to the epiphany that I don’t have to follow fashion trends. Maybe it was my interview with Samantha Lindgren or Karen Templer but I realized that most trends are not flattering on me and even

if I can find or make something in time to be “on trend”, I often don’t like how they feel. I also realized that wearing a “uniform” doesn’t take away my creativity and makes me happier. I remember hoping this garment sewing challenge would push me to think more about my perspective on self expression and style and I’m happy to see those thoughts evolving.

My favorite tunic pattern right now is a modified Esme Tunic from Lotta Jansdotter’s book, Everyday Style. This is not the first one I have made (you can see the other one here) and I’m sure it won’t be my last one. Someone recently asked me how I modified the tunic and I realized every time I make it, I make another modification to it! The “master” pattern looks very different than the original pattern and this version of the pattern is no different.


I added an additional 1/2″ to the arm hole to allow for bias facing to be added and I added two more inches of length. This fabric was in the remnant section of Joann Fabrics and needed to come home with me. (I know, I know, I can’t resist a good purple floral!) I am hoping this tunic lasts the Fall and will be very loved in my wardrobe.


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