Freddy Moran {Podcast Episode #136}

I remember when my mother mentioned a quilter she loved who would say “red is a neutral”. At the time, I could not imagine red being anything other than a pop of color in a black and white quilt. As I continue to study quilt history, I learned more about the lovely and talented Freddy Moran. Her quilts are bright and glorious. She includes elements of joy and always a lot of color. As I was researching her work for the podcast, I discovered that Freddy came into quilting at the age of 60 after raising five sons. In spite of personal loss and health setbacks, she keeps making and always finds something positive in her and other quilter’s creations.

During our discussion, we talk about her relationship with Gwen Marston, her passion for color, how she creates with macular degeneration and her three pieces of advice for quilters.


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Notes from the Show:

Freddy Moran’s website

Gwen Marston (my podcast with her)

Rosalie Dace

Sisters Quilt Show and Quilter’s Affair

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  1. What happiness you brought to me to hear Freddy this morning on my way to work. I have admired her for years and to hear her “journey” in person was a great, great joy. Just wonderful. Thank you!!!!

  2. That was a wonderful interview Sandi and great to hear how Freddie is still working on her fiber art. I’m a collage artist and have many of the same philosophies when teaching my students

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