Craftcation 2014 recap!

Craftcation 2014 was …. fantastic! Between the gorgeous background of sunny Ventura, CA to the concentration of creative people, I felt at home. In my typical “planner/analytical” fashion, here is my summary:

Classes and Workshops: Educational, worth every minute, full of genuinely helpful information. From the business perspective, I learned so much from Kelly Lanza of Studio DIY, Brittni Mehlhoff of PapernStitch, Chris Gardner of and Manmade, Nancy Soriano, Se Reed, and Diane Gilleland from Craftypod.

I took a block printing and dress making class from Christine Haynes.  LOVE!!  I will definitely try block printing again.  Making my own ink color and carving the stamps was more fun than I imagined.  We experimented with potatoes, erasers and lino blocks.  So much fun!!

Block printing with Christine Haynes

The dress making class came in two parts for a total of six hours.  I could have spent sixty hours there!  Christine is a true delight.  Check out my dress below (and ignore that I look pregnant in it!  :))

My class with Luke Haynes was superb! He showed us how to make yardage from clothing, which we used to make quilt blocks! Even the seasoned sewing helpers were impressed with his method for making half square triangles!


Keynote: Before the conference, I admired Lisa Congdon from a far… well, I follow her on Instagram and read her blog. After hearing her keynote address entitled, “Embrace the Abyss”, I think everyone should have the priviledge to hear her speak. I also had the opportunity to talk to her about her talents and mission to ensure artists are paid for their work.  She gave me a hug and it was a dream come true.

Extras: Michelle Ward offered a free ten minute consultation during her office hours. I talked faster than any normal human being and savored my ten minutes. If you don’t follow her, DO IT NOW! I’ll wait…

Would I go again?  YES!!  In a heartbeat…. Should you go?  YES!  Just make sure you leave me a spot.  🙂  And if you don’t believe me, check out these other reviews!

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