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Marcelle Medallion made by Euphoria Jessica

I can NOT believe I have neglected writing about one of the luckiest days in my life!

On instagram, there was a raffle by the lovely Jess for a Marcelle Medallion quilt.  Marcelle Medallions became famous in Alexia Abegg‘s Liberty Love book.  They are made of multiple borders with different quilting patterns.  They look time consuming to make but soooo amazing when they are done.  Would Jess “just” make a Marcelle Medallion?  NAH!  That isn’t her style.  Instead she made a Marcelle Medallion with…. out of print, hard to find, absolutely amazing Heather Ross Munki Munki fabric!!  WHAT!?!  She fuzzy cut out the cute designs and strategically placed them in each border.  I watched her process on Instagram (follow her @euphoria_jessica) and knew this quilt took TIME!

So she makes this amazing once-in-a-lifetime quilt and then does what?  Donates it for a worthy cause!! The Courage House provides a home for girls who are victims of commercial sexual exploitation.  These children are rescued out of sex trafficking and provided a safe and loving home.  Simply amazing!  When Jess announced her raffle, I had to buy a few tickets.  I normally don’t win these raffles but the cause was very worthy and I wanted to support Jess’ generosity.  The night the winner was going to be announced, Miss No No was teething and decided that sleep was for babies.  And Miss No No is NOT a baby!  So I stayed up with her until about 7am.  I kept checking Jess’ instagram feed to see who won.  Right before I went to sleep, I wrote, “I keep checking this post.  I’m so so so so… excited to see who won your masterpiece! :)”  And I went to sleep… for an hour…  I woke up and had 20 something instagram messages.  I had no idea what was going on.  In that one hour of sleep, Jess had announced the winner and it was ME!!!!!!

Jess used to be a member of the San Diego Modern Quilt Guild with me before she moved to Portland.  When she found out I won, she offered to deliver the quilt on her next trip to San Diego.  Could this get any better!?!  We met at Stone Brewing Company in San Marcos along with a few of our quilt guild buddies.  I could not wait to open my surprise!  Here is a photo collage Jess put together:

Quilt Delivery by euphoria jess

Thank you again, Jess.  You are the best!

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