Cotton and Steel Pleated Tote

Westwood Acres had the new Cotton and Steel canvas prints as one of their daily deals.  (I ALWAYS check that section… and their website!  They do not pay me whatsoever but Amanda has amazing prices and service!!)  As soon as my canvas arrived, I knew I wanted to make an every day bag with it.  I’m a confessed crazy cat lady and the combination of tigers along with the aqua color appealed to me.  After spending mere minutes hours, I found the Pleated Tote tutorial by the Long Thread.  I knew it would be perfect.

C and S Pleated Tote

My only struggle came with the size of the pleats.  After a few close sessions with my seam ripper,  I realized that the pleat needed to be moved a half inch to the center, not an inch.  Otherwise, I really enjoyed making this bag and love that the pattern is free and fun!

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