Daily Free Motion Quilting and GIVEAWAY!!

I took a fantastic class with Angela Walters where she recommended that interested quilters practice free motion quilting 10 minutes each day.  Ever since then, I have been off and running!  Here are some of the quilt sandwiches (fabric/batting/fabric made to mimic a quilt) made so far:



They are far from perfect but they are a start.  I can see improvement every day and I’ve learned valuable lessons.  Starting out, I just put on my darning foot and tried to free motion quilt!  (So optimistic and naive…)  Then I learned about my sewing machine’s free motion quilting mode.  Umm…yeah… Through my posts on instagram (you can find me here) I tried making pebbles in grids, used gloves (HELLO!) and changed my stitch length to 0.  If I had tried to learn all of this at once, I doubt I would have been successful.  However, since I promised myself that I only had to practice ten minutes a day, I have learned a lot and not felt pressured.

So…  I challenge any interested readers to try it out.  Starting on Monday, August 18th, for every instagram post with the hashtag daily fmq (#dailyfmq), you will be entered to win Aurifil donated by Gotcha Covered Quilting!  Get your quilt sandwiches ready!  It’s going to be fun!!

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