Sorbetto, my dearest tank top. {w.i.p}

I have wanted to make a garment for a long, long time.  When I was pregnant, I took a class to make an A-line skirt.  While I enjoyed making the skirt, I left without feeling drawn to the “next thing”.  It could have been the fact I was pregnant and chewing on ginger candy the whole time!!  At Craftcation, I was lucky enough to take a class with Christine Haynes and made a tunic.  All of the sudden, I was excited again.  So I bought tons just a few… wait, my husband doesn’t read my blog, TONS of garment fabrics.  🙂  Next, I needed to find a pattern.  Moment of truth here… I am not a small woman and I have been breastfeeding our daughter since birth so I need access to the “girls”.  The combination of those two things led me to stagnation.  Fast forward to last month when my dear friend Ileen asked about making a top together.   She had seen one on Pinterest and thought we should schedule a sew day and make one.  (We make excuses but we just like sewing together!  :))  I bought the pattern and we download the pattern.  We had A LOT of trouble.  There was no chart showing you how to cut the pieces (not that it was hard to figure out but it would have been nice), the pieces were not individually marked when they were on separate pages so we wrote out each piece as we were cutting, the size lines merged together at one point and you couldn’t tell what size was what… etc, etc, etc.  Sadly, I had already cut into my precious Cotton and Steel for this top.  I did not want to waste anymore of the fabric.  Luckily, Ileen had the Sorbetto top by Colette patterns ready to go, “just in case”.  So we added side panels to my Cotton and Steel and away we went.  The directions from Colette were fantastic!!!  Ironically, the instructions were easier to understand on the free Sorbetto top, then on the pattern I paid for .  Live and learn!

I am 98% done but it’s my current work in progress.  (You can see the pins where I need to put in the bias around the armholes…It will get done.  :))

Sorbetto on Ground

I already know that next time, I will adjust the darts to be shorter and will try it with the pleat in the front.  Otherwise, it will be a wearable muslin and I am WAY happier than with the “top who shall not be named”.  🙂

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    1. It’s a really easy pattern! The pieced stripes were a necessity but they break up the pattern. I hope you try the pattern and please let me know so I can check yours out. 🙂

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