A tank and a top {finish.it.friday}

It feels great to get my WIPs (work in progress) projects done!!!

My first finish is my dear Sorbetto top, which I wrote about here!  This was a really expensive muslin.  I learned quite a bit about trusting my instincts about patterns, sewing with voiles and bias binding.  Luckily, I am taking an apparel construction class so I hope to learn even more.  I am excited to make this tank again.

Sorbetto Finished by Crafty Planner

I also finished my big Modern Maples quilt top, which was my WIP a few weeks back.  It is really not easy to take a photograph of a 90ish” by 90ish” quilt top! I have a much better appreciation for people who have to stage their large quilts. This is the best shot I could get around the house.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to try to quilt this on my own or not.  Luckily (maybe!?!), I still need to piece the back so I do not have to decide yet.


Mod Maples Finished Top by Crafty Planner

Linking up to Amanda from Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish It Friday!

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