September Bee Blocks

I finished this adorable Christmas themed bee block for Cathy!  I really love this Ann Kelle print.  It’s so cheery!  (It also reminds me that I have been thinking about a Christmas quilt for …. ummm… forever!  Maybe if I start it in October, it will be done by December… maybe… :))

Xmas in Sept Bee Block by Crafty Planner

You can make your own by using the tutorial found here.


For the Modern Instagram Bee based on the book Modern Bee, the sweet Cristy Fincher from Purple Daisies, LLC requested a Triple Star block with aqua and another color.  It would have been easy for me to pick purple, which also happens to be Cristy’s favorite color, but I wanted to push myself to try for an unused color palatte.  I came up with orange and aqua.  This block was a bit challenging (and hopefully the incredibly talented Cristy does not look too closely at my points).  The center uses 1 1/4″ squares, which I am not used to sewing, so I was grateful for the challenge.  Yet another case where glue basing made a huge difference.

Here is my finished bee block.

Mod Bee Sept by Crafty Planner


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