Treat and Tribute Baskets

Trick and Tribute Baskets by Crafty Planner

Looking for a cute open basket with a handle you can use for trick or treating?  As soon as this tutorial  came out from Sew Modern, I knew I had to make two baskets for Miss No No.  Other than making the straps shorter and no embroidery on the strap, my baskets are exactly from the tutorial.  I used a Fiestaware dinner plate as my tracing circle.  🙂

Miss No No’s traditional trick basket on the left was made with a fun purple bat fabric.  (It took ALL of my willpower not to eat the candy! Why oh why did I buy the big bag!)  The lining comes from the Hello Petal fabric line by Aneela Hoey and the strap is Kona Cotton Black.

On the right is Miss No No’s tribute basket made from a Dia de los Muertos fabric from Joann’s and the strap is (I know you’re surprised!!) Pearl Bracelets by Lizzy House!  The lining is also from the Hello Petal fabric line.  After I showed the basket to a friend, I realized some people may not know of the celebration of Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead in the Mexican culture.  Growing up in Los Angeles and now living in San Diego, I have seen the beautiful celebration and wanted to integrate it into our family’s rituals.  Per Wikipedia, the Day of the Dead is celebrated November 1 and November 2 and is one of Mexico’s biggest holidays.  It is a time for families to celebrate the friends and family who have passed away.  People make alters to the deceased including their favorite things, food and drink along with a few of their possessions. They also clean and decorate the graves of their deceased.  For me, my deceased great-grandfather was very instrumental to my childhood. To honor his memory, I will use Miss No No’s Dia de los Muertos basket  as a base for an alter to him.  As you can see, I already have a towel of his I have kept all of these years, a two liter of Sprite and maraschino cherries to symbolize the Shirley Temples he made me and I know he would make her.  All I need to add is a new plant.  He was an avid gardener and I always think of him when I am working in my garden.

Have you started your Halloween sewing?

Just in case you are looking for a few ideas, here are a couple fun tutorials.

Halloween Bats by Oh Fransson

This bat quilt block tutorial by Oh, Fransson looks like a fun mini quilt!

Halloween Runner by Bijou Lovely

This Halloween table runner tutorial by Bijou Lovely is fantastic!!

Dia de los Muertos via Crafty Chica

For all things Dia de los Muertos, check out this website by Kathy Cano-Murillo.

What are you making for Halloween?

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  1. Growing up in San Diego, you’d think I’d know more about Dia De Los Muertos. thanks for the quick lesson. And you baskets are wonderful. I’m tempted to make one for each of my nieces…tempted. And then that whole time thing. But they are really cute and I know the girls would love them for collecting their Trick-or-treating loot!

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