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Do you wear an apron around the house?  Since my mother did not wear aprons, I never got in the habit of wearing one.  For the second assignment in my apparel construction class, we were asked to make an apron.  Of course, I was not interested in the tried and true reversible square aprons provided in class.  After searching everywhere for a free pattern, I found a crossback apron here.  With the video tutorial and instructions, I figured there was no way to mess it up!  (Famous last words…)

I started working on the apron in early October.  From the very beginning, the straps seemed to be wrong but I could not figure out why.  I put together the pattern, cut out the fabric and sewed the three main pieces together.  Before I sewed down the bias tape, I tried the apron on.  The straps were very very short.  I added length to the straps and finished sewing.

Here is the final product.

Front View Apron by Crafty Planner

Side View by Crafty Planner

As you can see, there are now large gaps on the sides.  I think darts might work but I will take it to class on Tuesday and get more suggestions!  Sewing is such a tremendous learning process filled with daily challenges.  I love it!

What did I learn?

Use material similar to the material you want for your final product.  What the heck do I mean?  I used a quilting cotton for this prototype because I knew that I would want to make it again using quilting cottons.  However, if I had wanted to use home decor or heavier material for the final product, I would use a cheap version fabric of the same weight.  Some people suggest using muslin (thin and cheap fabric) for their prototype but I find that the prototype does not end up looking like the final product because of drape.

Try on your garment as you go. While my intuition about the straps was right, I would not have known how to make adjustments.  I learned a very valuable lesson about tissue fitting before cutting fabric and am already applying that lesson before I work on my next project.  However, I still think trying on the garment as you go is a good idea.  Unless you are lucky enough to have a dressform.  Maybe I should ask for one for my birthday?  🙂

Aprons are really cute and I think I need a million more… or maybe one or two more!  🙂

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