A Cotton and Steel Patchwork Pouch

A few days ago, Kelly offered up her Fall 2014 Cotton and Steel scraps for sale.  She made beautiful quilts out of the fabric lines in preparation for Quilt Market and had some scraps left over.  I snapped them up!

Look at what arrived yesterday!

Scrap Bag Contents

The mailman delivered the package and less than thirty minutes later, I had this stack on my cutting board.

Squares Cut Up by Crafty Planner

The fabrics were just SCREAMING to me that they wanted to be cut up into patchwork squares.  How can I ignore these beautiful fabrics?

I got my squares cut and then it was solo parenting time!  I (im) patiently fed my daughter, watched some Yo Gabba Gabba and waited for her to go to sleep.  Umm… have I mentioned that my daughter does not like to go to sleep!?!  At 11pm (yes, 11pm!!!) she finally went down and I have been sewing every since.  (Excuse the lighting in the pictures but I am so excited I had to share as soon as possible!  :))

Here is the pouch finished!  (tutorial can be found here)

Pouch Side 2 by Crafty Planner

Pouch Side 1 by Crafty Planner

Lining of Pouch by Crafty Planner

I might have to buy an entire bolt of the Jacks print when it comes out!  It is the perfect lining!

If you want to see all of the Cotton and Steel fabric lines, they are posted on their website.

Now back to my “to do” list!

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