Quilty Sneak Peeks 11.18.14

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been working on three secret projects and wanted to share a few quilty sneak peeks!

Confession: it used to annoy me when I read that on blogs!  Really!?!  Why can’t you share?  I’m dying of curiosity.  But now I understand.  I am working on projects where I am not allowed to “publish” them in advance.  Yet the sewing occupies so much of my time.  It takes true willpower not to post quick updates on instagram.  (You can find me here, if you are interested!  I will warn you that I post pictures of Miss No No, my cats and food there too.)

Luckily, one of the projects is for an upcoming issue of Make Modern  and they have graciously allowed me to show you a few sneak peeks of the quilt I designed.

Rainbow Order

Rainbow order!!

Ninja Needle Minder

My ninja needle minder helped me bind the quilt!  (Love this print!  It is Domino Dots by Violet Craft!)

I also took notes on my design process for a future blog post… or three!  I have always been curious about other’s design process and have noticed that I am not the only one!  I felt it was easier to chronicle the process as I was working on the quilt so I did not forget anything later.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!?!), it made me very verbose.

In addition to my Make Modern project, I am working on two other projects.  They are also top secret but here is what I can show.

Grey solids

I love grey solids.

Warm and Cool

My colored pencil set is sorely lacking in diversity; however, I enjoyed adding a bit of color to my quilt sketch.

I can not wait to resume non-secret sewing!  And I hope you forgive my inability to share more.  Envision me sewing away while my blog is void of new project pictures!   😉

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  1. I love your sneak peeks and the fact that you are designing and publishing. You go girl. Oh and pics of Miss NoNo are always loved

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