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I am soooooooooo excited to update you on the Learn More, Sew More challenge!  Since announcing the skill challenge, I have obtained amazing prizes and secured guests to post.  (Envision me jumping up and down!)

Are you wondering what the heck I am talking about!?!  Here is my introduction post and now I can share more of the details.

So far, there are nine skills:

Sewing Basics

Paper Piecing

Improv Sewing

Color Theory

Garment Making

English Paper Piecing

Bag Making



Aside from fabric stash accumulation, I am in NO WAY an expert in any of these things!   That is where the guest posts come in.  I am working with experts in each of these skills who will share their knowledge with us.  Generous companies have offered prizes related to each of the skills and I can not wait to pass those to you.  I am hoping we will learn more so we can sew more!

Depending on interest, I may add more skills.  I will cover a sewing basics in December.  I know the holidays mean our month is busy so I wanted to start out with something easy!  Easy also means fun!!  There will be giveaways for notions, fabric and thread.  Did I mention thread!?!

For each skill, I will post a “resources” page along with the challenge and giveaway for that week.  If I have a guest, they will post on a different day. To enter, you will post a picture of your challenge entry on Instagram and tag it with the appropriate hashtag.  I’ll post the winner at the end of the week.

I hope you are as excited as I am!

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