Tangelo Class with Carolyn Friedlander. Paper Piecing {Learn More, Sew More}

Have I told you I’m in love with Carolyn Friedlander?  It really is not a secret.  There might even be some evidence of it online…

Savor each Stitch bribe

I wanted an autographed copy of Carolyn’s newest book, Savor Each Stitch, and offered a mug rug and snickerdoodles to anyone who would get me one at Quilt Market!  Yes, that is the proof of my bribe!!  🙂

When I saw that she was teaching her Tangelo Quilt at Road to California, I knew I had to sign up.

Here is her original quilt from the pattern.

Tangelo Quilt by Carolyn Friedlander

On class day, I arrived early and immediately gave her a big hug!  She was extremely gracious and didn’t mind I was a bit of a stalker very interested fan girl!  🙂

We quickly got down to sewing business and she loved my idea of using Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks fabric line as the colored triangles with a scrappy low volume background.  We talked about the best way to organize the colorways and I love her “waste not, want not” approach.

Throughout the class, Carolyn was always there to support my crazy fuzzy cutting desires and patiently explain her ingenious way to cut strips to make the triangles with less waste.  I appreciated her attention along with her calm teaching style.  People who were concerned they were going to struggle with paper piecing ended up understanding the concept well and were inspired to go home and do well.

Here are a few paper piecing tips I learned from the day:

– To secure the first piece of the paper piecing pattern, you can baste the piece down.  (I have used glue before and pinned so basting was a new method.)

– Instead of cutting templates for the pattern, we used angled triangle cuts to save on fabric waste.

– If you are crazy and want to fuzzy cut your triangle, baste the cut to the center of your pattern.

– Start and stop sewing at the sewing line and not into the seam allowance.  You backstitch at both start and stop. That way, you have whole strips to ripout instead of a bunch of small pieces.

So what did I make?

Tangelo Blocks by Crafty Planner

And of course, this happened…

Carrie Hanson, Carolyn Friedlander,  Me

Carrie stopped by for a visit and snagged a photo with Carolyn and I.  🙂

I had a wonderful time and look forward to taking more classes from Carolyn!

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  1. Cut the angle THEN cut the length is my mantra from that class for almost zero wasted fabric, genius! Can’t wait to see your finished project with your great fabrics!

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