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LMSM Bag Making by Crafty Planner

If you have read through my blog before, you know I love making bags.  There is this one, this one, and oh yeah, this one!  I love the challenge of making a new bag so I am hoping you will too!

When I talk to other sewists about bags, there seem to be two common concerns.  First, there is the idea you are creating something three dimensional.  Two dimensional objects seem easier to make.  The second concerns comes with the techniques that often accompany the creation of a bag.  Zippers!?!  Piping!?!  What the heck is SF 101?  I hear the blood pressure racing and it stops people in their tracks.

This month, I hope to break down some of the concerns through tutorials, interviews and helpful resources.  As I mentioned here, we have a full schedule.  You can bookmark this page to retrieve all of the week’s posts in one location.

Week 1: Bag Making Basics

Week 2: Zippers

Week 3: Interfacing

Week 4: Piping and Open Welt Pockets

THIS WEEK’S GIVEAWAY: A $25 gift certificate to Zip It Zippers!! What!?!  Yes!  Post a comment on this post telling me your favorite zipper in their store for a chance to win the gift certificate.  I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday!!!

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  1. The YKK gold zippers on black are perfection–like bag jewelry!

    I’m super excited for this month–bag making is definitely high on my list of thing I want/need to learn more about. So far I’ve really only made the sewtogether bag.

  2. YKK Long Pull purse zips are my favorite! I never knew they existed until purchasing from Zipit. Now I’m in love! Also can’t get enough of Zipit’s adorable zipper pulls.

  3. Hi Sandy!!! I have loved Zipit for years!!! It’s always my go-to when I need more…I love the quality but especially the variety of colors!! My favorite and the ones that I always order (I make a lot of small pouches and coin purses) are the 8″ #3 nylon coil closed bottom Mix & Match assortment 🙂 Jennie is awesome and so are you!!

  4. I think their Rainbow Teeth zippers are quite unique. Zipit has just about any zipper you can imagine. I like how many of the YKK zipper pulls actually give a person something to grasp!

  5. I adore the zippers with the larger heads, her color selection is fantastic and I have even ordered some specialty colors. Zip it is fantastic to work with, she’s my only zipper source!

  6. I’m a fellow bag maker and use repurposed burlap to make various totes and zipper pouches. I agree that in the begin sewing bags can be daunting! Your tutorials sound great! I love the 9″ metal tooth vanilla zippers from zipit zippers. They are my go to zipper vendor.

  7. Excited to read through this month! I just got my first Zip-It order a few weeks ago, and my favorite was the Hot Pink 9″ bright… added a terrific pop of color to a project for my 9yo daughter.

  8. Organic cotton zippers with nickel teeth. You can dye these hot little numbers! And, Jennie’s customer service is top notch.

  9. I love ZipIt! I go through a LOT of the regular zippers in a variety of colors (I can’t ever bring myself to order just one color… I love having an assortment on hand so I can go “shopping” in my own house!)… But I have only just discovered the antique brass metal teeth zippers with donut pull – and wow! I may have to get those for a special occasion!

  10. I love their metal teeth zippers with the heart pulls. They are so distinctive and pretty! I’m looking forward to this bag making series. Thanks so much!

  11. I just discovered them from your post today and can’t wait to order some of their bundles of 9 and 18 in zips for sew together bags. They are such a great deal. Hoping to mix up the colors and bring personality to the bags.

  12. Zippers – 14 Inch 4.5 Ykk Purse Zippers with a Long Handbag Pulls Mix and Match Your Choice of 25 Zippers…love them.

  13. The organic cotton (white zippers) with nickel teeth are my favorites. You can dye them. Zip-it is the best source for zippers and great customer service.

  14. If you love making bags of all shapes and sizes HOW is it possible to have only one favorite zipper?? I personally find it impossible.

  15. I love all of Zipit’s zippers, I should since I have over 100 of them 🙂 But I would have to say that my favorite is her 30″ double zipper! I allows for my weekender bag to open up so much wider! 😀

  16. oooh, I LOVE ZIPPERS! Zip it is great because I can get a good rainbow variety pack to have some on hand all the time.

  17. I don’t have one favorite zipper. I have Zipit! I like the fact that I can find a matching zipper no matter what fabric or project I have planned. The variety and color options are great. Before I found Zipit I used to get “ok” zippers, now I can get “perfect” zippers. And the shipping is phenomena! I got my zippers in four days. And I live in Sweden!

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