Garment Sewing. {Learn More, Sew More}

Garment Sewing by Crafty Planner

Similar to the process of making a bag, sewing together a garment requires thinking about how fabric can make a three dimension shape. There are many techniques involved in the process and each garment needs to be adjusted to the person. That sounds scary and a lot of work! This month, I am tackling this challenge by presenting podcasts with garment sewing instructors and pattern designers.

We will hear from Jaime Jennings of Fancy Tiger Crafts, Christine Haynes, and April Rhodes about their design process and recommendations for beginners starting the process.

LMSM Garment Podcast Guests

Also, Rachael Gander of Imagine Gnats will explain the different fabric options and when to use what fabric.

Garment Fabrics 101 by imagine gnats for Crafty Planner

I will attempt to make garments this month.  I am committing to showing you the results, even if they are epic fails.  EEK!

Additionally, we will have giveaways and perhaps a few other guests!

I am so excited! Is there anything you want me to explore?

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