Podcast Episode #4: Christine Haynes

Last year, I went to the Craftcation conference and took a tunic class with Christine Haynes.  Ummm… I wish the story was that simple!  I wanted to sign up for the class but it was full.  When I arrived on Thursday, I saw Christine in the hotel lobby, pretty much jumped her and screamed, “I WANT TO TAKE YOUR CLASS”.  Surprisingly, she didn’t call security and gave me hints about getting into the class.  🙂  Luckily, I took her class and made this beauty.  When I decided to work on garments again, I was hoping (fingers crossed!) that she hadn’t secretly filed a real life or virtual restraining order and would agree to be on my podcast.  I lucked out again and she agreed.

Let me warn you!  We cuss.  We basically sound like we’ve been drinking all afternoon and then managed to hit record.  But really, she is just that awesome.  We had a great time and I can’t wait to see her this week at Craftcation.  🙂

Christine Haynes

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We talk about a LOT of things so here are a few of the show notes:

Style (TV show on CNN)

Sailor Top from Fancy Tiger (for more information on Fancy Tiger, check out this post too)

Great British Sewing Bee



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  1. As a fairly new quilter and garment sewer I appreciated the frank discussion of the social responsibility aspects of both crafts. Like Christine, I admire and enjoy quilts and feel a enormous sense of accomplishment when I make them but I agree that “we don’t need 50 quilts,” and I would be hard-pressed to know where to store them. As I thought about it more, I think the balance that works for me is to think of quilting primarily as my craft to make things for others and garment sewing as my “selfish” craft. As a maker I think this is a good balance to strive for.

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      Thank you for your comment. When the podcast was over, I also thought quite a bit about Christine’s comment and reached a similar conclusion to you. I don’t have 50 quilts in my house. I often make my quilts for gifts or very specific purposes. Honing my quilting craft is important to me as is the practicality of having to cloth myself. I love both. 🙂

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