Staple Dress Finish!

The combination of Allison Sews wearing a gorgeous Staple Dress at Quilt Con and April Rhodes being on the podcast lead me to make this dress!

Staple Dress by Crafty Planner

Does it look a bit familiar?  It is the dress I was wearing under my Cutting Edge jacket!

This dress, designed by the fantastic April Rhodes, is simple in design with endless possibilities.  The directions were well written and thoughtful.

Do you remember when Jaime Jennings told me that beginning garment sewers shouldn’t start with rayon when they are first sewing garments?  Well, you should listen to her!!!  I was sooooooo in love with this rayon print by Anna Maria Horner that I was determined to “just keep sewing…”  It proved to be a challenge but I love how it feels when I wear it.  It’s like wearing really comfortable pajamas.  Before the photo shoot, I had to remember to wash the dress…again… since I can’t seem to stop wearing it!  That’s worth all of the cutting/pinning/sewing struggles for a truly loved garment.

Here is the dress from the side.

Staple Dress Side View by Crafty Planner

The picture below may look like a picture of my “rack” (and it is!) but I wanted to show you how the shirring looks.  The rayon ends up slightly covering it but the shirring also creates a nice pinch to the dress.

Staple Dress Shirring by Crafty Planner

I am already thinking about fabric choices for the next one!

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