fantasia sailor top

Fantasia Sailor Top

Two wonderful things happened at the same time!  I was interviewing Jaime Jennings for the podcast while thinking about making a Sailor Top.  Then Sara Lawson asked about sending people fabric from her Fantasia fabric line.  Instantly, I thought I would make a Fantasia Sailor Top!

I picked this fantastic minty piece from Sara’s line:

Fantasia Fabric by Sew Sweetness

I will say that this top took me forever!  The Creative Bug class is great!  Amber explains each step well.  It was like she was right there with me. The pattern pieces are well designed. I never struggled to figure out lines for my size or where a piece was put together.  However, it took me three muslins plus lots and lots and lots of phone calls and messages with Sarah asking for advice. The problem is  is me and my chunky arms.  I needed to make my sleeve piece larger.  I tried to adjust the sleeve a few different ways but here is what the final sleeve piece looks like.  (yes, I should invest in a washi tape company)

Sailor Top Sleeve Adjustment

The sleeve adjustment meant I needed to also add inches to the armhole.  Thanks again to Sarah, she figured out how I could do that and yet not add width to the front and back pieces.

And here is the result of all of our hard work!

fantasia sailor top

I have no idea why I am scowling!  It was bright outside and what you don’t see is a toddler actively trying to get in the picture.  Yes, real life on the Crafty Planner blog…

Here is a side view:

Fantasia Sailor Top Side by Crafty Planner

I knew that “fit” would be tough and there were several times I wanted to toss my whole idea.  But I am happy I waged ahead (and have a great friend to help!) because I love the final shirt.  I promised to blog about my projects, even the epic fails.  So here is a non-epic fail that took me a LONG time.  🙂

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  1. Thank you for posting this! It looks great. It’s hard finding and getting real and detailed feedback about patterns for curvier girls and I really appreciate it.

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      Jeifner, I know exactly what you mean! I was bigger in the bust by about an inch and the gathers were still fine. It was just my chunky arms!!! 🙂

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