Chawne Kimber on the Crafty Planner Podcast

Podcast Episode #6: Chawne of Cauchy Complete

Chawne of Cauchy Complete has produced several thought provoking quilts over the years.  I follow her on instagram and spent considerate time studying her quilts at Quilt Con.

Have you seen them?

Self Study # 4 by Cauchy Complete

Self Study #4 (the one for T), 2013

In Wedowee by Cauchy Complete

In Wedowee, 2014

It seems impossible that anyone could look at them and not having a thought about them.  I pondered the value of life, the assumptions we all make about certain situations and how important it is to talk about the world around us.  I wanted to talk with Chawne more about her process, the reaction she has had to her quilts and her part in modern quilting.  Luckily, she accepted my invitation to be on the podcast.

Chawne Graphic

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Show Notes:

Gee’s Bend Quilters

Todd’s No-Baby Baby Quilt by Cauchy Complete

Todd’s No-Baby Baby Quilt, 2012



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  1. This is an excellent podcast and discussion. There is so much to think about here, and I will definitely be back to replay this again. Thank you both for your honesty and thoughts, and I look forward to seeing where this discussion evolves.

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      Thank you, Yvonne. I just saw your philosophical questions on your blog and realized that some of our discussion addressed your topics. And I love the Four Agreements!!!

  2. I recently discovered Chaune through Instagram and am liking her more and more as I learn more about her. How refreshing! I very much enjoyed the podcast and look forward to the continued series.

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  3. Love Chawne and her beautiful and intriguing quilts. The Gee’s Bend keynote was my absolute favorite of Quiltcon 2015. There were very few dry eyes in the place and tons of laughter as well. The ladies were insightful, talented, funny, personable, and all around fun. I wish I had been able to get into one of their workshops as I heard many positive things about those too.

  4. Thanks for a great podcast! There’s a lot here to think about, and I really want to thank you both for having this conversation publicly.

  5. Just finished listening to this and so very much of it resonates with me that I found myself wishing I was in on the conversation too! Yes, yes, yes, great podcast!!!! Thank you!

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  6. Absolutely fascinating discussion, thank you so much for talking about these topics! It infuriated me at QuiltCon when people were up in arms about the keynote speech… That is who the Gees Bend quilters are! That is what they do! Why would they not be true to themselves?! I am also very passionate about equality in quilting, particularly gender equality, as one of my dearest quilty friends is a man. A white, gay man at that! And yes, he fully acknowledges that he gets more attention because of it, but he also gets the attention because he is talented and knows what he’s talking about. He has actual art qualifications. So yes, he grasps the opportunities with two hands, who wouldn’t?! But when people start to talk about men invading “our” industry and/or hobby, especially the more liberal/women power type of people, I get disgusted at the hypocrisy. I hadn’t thought about it from the race side of things before, but I would have to agree. It was definitely a, uh, whitewash, of a crowd at QuiltCon. Thank you for the food for thought.

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      Alyce, I appreciate your thoughts. Just talking about these issues has raised awareness and (hopefully) hypocritical comments will be better self examined. I can hope!!

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