Podcast Episode #11: Nicole Stevenson and Delilah Snell

Nicole and Delilah Collage
This podcast celebrates my interest in “all things crafty” along with talking to makers who encourage and give back to the creative community.  When I think about passionate makers, I think of Nicole Stevenson and Delilah Snell.  They are Dear Handmade Life.  Together, they organize six local maker shows called the Patchwork Show and a three day business and maker conference called Craftcation.
I am starting to realize that each of my podcasts are going to be different in tone.  I have met (and hugged!) some of my co-presenters.  These conversations are more relaxed as you will see with this episode.  Also, my word of the day we recorded this podcast was apparently “uber”.
We talk about what happens behind the scenes of putting together maker events, how Nicole and Delilah work together as partners and family members and most importantly, we laugh and enjoy our conversation.  I hope you enjoy it too.
Nicole and Delilah Podcast with Crafty Planner
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