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My Me Made May 2015

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Me Made May 2015 is over!  I committed here to wear four handmade garments a week, take pictures on Instagram and keep it “real”.  Well, I wore four handmade garments a week, didn’t always take pictures and kept it real.  When I was wearing a garment I had already taken a picture of in the past, I didn’t always post it again on Instagram.

Despite not photographing everything I wore, I did learn a few lessons!

1) I started to pay attention to what I wore every day. Since I mostly work from home, my wardrobe choices consisted of whatever was clean and (hopefully) matched. Knowing I might be taking pictures of my outfit, I made more considerate choices. I ended up with a great picture of me, wearing a handmade dress, and my Dad.

Me and Dad

2) I wanted to make more garments.  I know that is not the point of the exercise but I couldn’t help it. It is hard not to want to have better fitting clothes, which means tailoring and/or making your own.  I was working on my Emery Dress for Sew Sweetness’ Dress Up Party so it was fun to put my making energy to immediate use.  (Just ignore the disasterous craft room picture.  :))

Making my Emery Dress

3. I want to expand my wardrobe carefully.  After spending more time with my clothes (and perhaps inspired by Marie Kondo’s book, the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up), I want to expand my wardrobe carefully.  I will spend some time with Colette’s Wardrobe Architect series, a 14 week blog series about personal style and creating a wardrobe reflecting your style.  My best addition for Me Made May is this fantastic Scout Tee from Grainline Studios in luxurious Loominous from Anna Maria Horner.

My AMH Scout Tee

4. I now have another reason to add to my fabric stash, garments! Usually I buy fabric in half yard increments.  No longer is that true!  Most of my recent purchases have for garments… and I’m so excited about it.

Me in Sailor Top

I can not wait for next year.  I know I will have more hand made garments and a much better wardrobe organized around things that “bring me joy”! Until next year…

Me in Staple Dress

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  1. Sandi, The terrific photo with your Dad proves that you can wear other colors besides purple! The red print is flattering, and I love the fit 🙂

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