Podcast Episode # 15: Becca Bryan of Bryan House Quilts

I have been following Becca Bryan at Bryan House Quilts  since I first started sewing and quilting. My memory has failed to remember what first drew me to Becca’s blog but I keep reading it for tutorials like this Tribute Quilt.

Tribute Star by Becca Bryan

Originally, I wanted to study Color Theory for my Learn More, Sew More challenge. I started my research, took a color theory class, bought watercolor supplies but quickly realized there has already been amazing work produced on Color Theory.  Jeni’s In Color Theory’s Art of Choosing is probably my favorite.

When I saw Becca’s book, Modern Rainbow, I was still working on the challenge and asked her if she wanted to be on the podcast.  Luckily, I was still pursuing the Color Theory challenge and didn’t make the decision not to pursue it until after I recorded with Becca.  I am grateful for the time I spent with her and enjoyed learning more about her design process. We talked about how a dream inspired her to write Modern Rainbow, how she designs quilts and her favorite sewing treats.  I hope you enjoy the episode.

To listen to the podcast, you can click on the graphic below, hit play on the player below, download and save the episode or subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher. (I love having choices!)

Becca Bryan

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Show Notes:

Becca’s Wavelength Quilt

Wavelength Quilt by Becca Bryan

Becca’s Bubbles Quilt

Bubbles Quilt by Becca Bryan


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