Podcast Episode #16: Lisa Solomon

Upfront, I have to admit I have a girl crush on Lisa Solomon. When someone creates these gorgeous installations, can you blame me?

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When the Craftcation course schedule came out, I knew I wanted to take a Color Theory class with her. I walked into class and sat in the back corner. I stared in awe as she introduced herself and went through the class exercises. For one of the exercises, she used watercolors. Maybe I used watercolors when I was younger but not any time recently. She patiently, and without judgement, showed me a few tips and off I went. We were also in an indigo dying class with Kaari Meng and talked over our indigo buckets. I even got a chance to chat with her at dinner one night.

Lisa is beautiful from the inside out. I felt so lucky to spend time with her and even luckier when she agreed to be on the podcast. Even though I knew she was busy with a new installment and her classes, she generously chatted with me and never made me feel she was rushed.

We talked about how she uses color in her creative process, the benefits of collaboration and social practice along with sharing stories about growing up as a “hapa” (a person of partial Asian or Pacific Islander descent). I will never forget when she said, “we are our own unique flower.” Thank you for encouraging me to be my own flower, Lisa.

Lisa Solomon on the Crafty Planner podcast

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Show Notes:

Lisa Congdon

Cathy Callahan

The Hapa Project

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Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles

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