Christina Cameli on the Crafty Planner Podcast

Podcast Episode #17: Christina Cameli of A Few Scraps

Free motion quilting can be an intimidating skill to learn. In August of 2014, I co-sponsored a daily free motion quilting challenge to prove practice makes the process easier. Along the way, I discovered the amazing Christina Cameli of A Few Scraps.  Not only does she offer free motion quilting tutorials on her blog, she is also the author of two books. I personally own Step by Step Free Motion Quilting and keep it as a resource when I am choosing quilting designs. I am sure First Steps to Free Motion Quilting is just as good.

Here are a few of the quilting motifs she offers on her blog:

[twocol_one] Asterisks FMQ Tutorial by A Few Scraps [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last] Bear Claws FMQ Tutorial by A Few Scraps  [/twocol_one_last]

She includes both illustrations along with video tutorials for each of these and many more motifs.

As I learned more about Christina, I began to admire her quilting skills along with her deep sense of community. As a midwife, she is committed to helping women. As a mother and wife, she takes care of her family while working on her creative and medical careers. She is a role model for women and I feel honored to interview her on the podcast. I love the idea that she “creates the culture (she) lives in”. If we all realized (and believed) we could control the culture we live in, what would we do differently? All I know for sure is that I am looking forward to giving her a big hug at QuiltCon West.

To listen to the podcast, you can click on the graphic below, hit play on the player below, download and save the episode or subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher. (I love having choices!)

Christina Cameli on the Crafty Planner podcast

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Show Notes

Sacred Heart by the Cameli Family

“Sacred Heart” – a quilt collaboration with her grandmother

Wild Quilt Collaboration

“Wild”: a quilt collaboration with Hilary of Entropy Always Wins

Susan Beal of West Coast Crafty

Susan Beal of West Coast Crafty

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  1. I discovered your podcast reading through Abby Glassenberg’s newsletter. This is the first one I listened to; it’s a wonderful discovery. I felt like I was in the room with a couple of friends chatting and learning. Looking forward to listening more.

    1. Post
  2. I listened to a couple of your episodes over the weekend and I think it was this one where you talked about how you stand when you sew. I completely understand for health reasons as I have RA but I loved it when you mentioned listening to music while you sew. I can not sit still when good music is playing my feet are constantly moving. I find myself sewing to the rhythm of the song. LOL. I have gotten pretty good at doing my day job and moving along to the music but not with sewing. I might have to try sewing while standing. Thanks for the idea.

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