Improv Quilting with Crafty Planner/Ants to Sugar

Improv Quilting Month and Challenge {learn more, sew more}

Improv Quilting with Crafty Planner and Ants to Sugar

Have you ever wanted to know more about improvisational quilting (also known as improv quilting)? Did you know that the improv quilting category had the most entries for Quilt Con 2015? Modern quilters are making improv quilts! Up until very recently, I assumed improv quilting was completely random and unorganized. After researching improv quilting and taking classes with some of the improv quilting masters, I have learned there is a difference between improv quilting and quilting without any rules/perimeters. There are also many different types of improv quilting.

Since every improv quilter approaches their practice differently, I decided to dedicate time learning more about the world of improv quilting. So for the month of August, I am continuing with my Learn More, Sew More blog challenge and exploring the world of improv quilting. I knew I wanted to explore with a fantastic quilter and asked Daisy of Ants to Sugar  if she wanted to join me. Luckily, she said yes!

So what can you expect?
An entire month dedicated to improv including:
– A series of podcasts with conversations with improv quilters. Some of the podcast guests include Malka Dubrawsky, Jacquie Gering and Sherri Lynn Wood. There might be a few surprises too!
– Book and class reviews from these quilters
– Blog posts about improv quilting resources and tutorials
– Prizes
– And more!

We are challenging others to try (or keep working on!) improv quilting and will have prizes for those who play along with the challenge. (Think Aurifil, improv books, and more!!!) To participate in the challenge, you will need to post your work to instagram and tag it #improvquiltchallenge.

When will the challenge start?
Monday, August 3rd!

Where can we find more information?

Throughout the month, Daisy and I will be providing information about improv quilting so check both of our blogs (Daisy and Sandi) along with our instagram accounts (Daisy and Sandi).
I am so excited to explore improv quilting with you! Is there anything you would like to see?