Jen KIngwell on the Crafty Planner Podcast

Podcast Episode # 28: Jen Kingwell

Jen KIngwell on the Crafty Planner Podcast

One of my best experiences at Quilt Con was meeting Jen Kingwell. I remember seeing her in the Moda booth and thinking it might be weird if I went up to her and said hello. While she was talking to other quilters, she was always smiling and having a good time. She was approachable and looked like a fun person. But here is my confession. I am not a big fan of super scrappy quilts. I would say don’t tell Jen but I already admitted it on the podcast! I know many many quilters who are big fans of hers so I felt like saying hello might make me seem like a fraud. Well, I did it anyway. And I am so glad that I did. We chatted, I threw a beanbag for their booth game and received the biggest hug. It was like being hugged by Mom.

Later, I was asked if I wanted to review Jen’s book, Quilt Lovely. I was a bit apprehensive because of my feelings for scrappy quilts but I knew I wanted to see her quilts and design process. I received the book and fell in love. Later this week, I will post my review. I asked if I could interview Jen for the podcast and luckily, she agreed.

During the podcast, I felt like we had sat next to each other at a coffee house and were just chatting. We laugh a lot. We are a bit silly but it is just who we are. I wondered if her daughters will notice if I show up at the next family dinner and announce myself as her long lost daughter? I don’t think so either. We talk about her transition from being a midwife to a quilt store owner, how she designs her quilt patterns along with her approach to teach hand sewing classes. It is a very fun conversation and I hope you enjoy it.

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Notes from the Show:

My podcast with Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Freddy Moran (books, she doesn’t have a website)

Gwen Marston

Sue Spargo

Gardenvale Fabric Line

Carolyn Friedlander’s Savor Each Stitch book

Lee Monroe (aka May Chappell)

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  1. I’m a long time garment sewer and relatively new to the online quilting community so I don’t recognize quilt celebrity names. I listen to this podcast on my subway commute so I can’t hit pause and google who the guest is. That said, I have no idea who Jen Klingman is although you introduced her as a former midwife and current quilt shop owner. It was almost halfway through the podcast that you started mentioning books, although I think only two titles were mentioned once each. So, while I enjoyed the podcast I feel a bit clueless, as if I was eavesdropping on a strangers conversation. I would recommend doing a bit more of a guest introduction for us quilting club newbs.

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      I appreciate your feedback. I had not thought about your situation. I assumed people wouldn’t want a longer introduction and that they wanted to get into the “meat” of the conversation. (And you know what happens with assumptions!) I will include longer introductions in the future. Thank you for sharing and helping me find ways to improve the podcast. 🙂


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  3. I love LOVED this podcast. I will most likely listen to it again. And then for some reason I couldn’t get to my ipad after the podcast finished, and it started again with Jacquie Gering’s podcast. Which I have already listened to twice and gladly listened to again. You are my most favorite host. And in my quest to lave obscure links to your guests, years ago I made a quilt based on Mary Hickey’s “Mama’s Pop Beads” quilt, which she made based on a vintage quilt. So after the top was sewn and I was contemplating either releasing a pattern or at least a tutorial, I saw an Australian quilt magazine in my LQS with a nearly identical quilt on the cover. It was made by Jen Kingwell, who I had never heard of at that point. Anyway, I ended up not even making a tutorial, and then when someone asked me about it after they saw my picture on Flickr, by then Jen was famous and I was afraid people would think I had stolen her design, even though my quilt was finished before I ever saw the quilt magazine.

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      Thank YOU! I am glad you enjoy the podcasts. It is really fun to hear your links to my guests! I swear I’m not stalking you. hehe.


  4. Loved the podcast Sandi! Jen seems very easy to know and I’d love to take a class from her. I’ll definitely check out her book! The first three quilts I made were all hand pieced, queen sized, and one was scrappy. My mom taught me to quilt and she gave me a 3 1/2 inch strip of all of her fabrics to get me started, I made a drunkards path quilt.

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