Lizzy House on Crafty Planner podcast

Podcast Episode #30: Lizzy House

Lizzy House on Crafty Planner podcast

Somewhere along my sewing and quilting journey, I discovered Lizzy House. Her fabrics are whimsical, fun and beautifully colored. When I go to my stash to pull rainbow colors, I tend to gravitate to her fabrics. Between the cats in her Catnap fabric line, her pearl bracelets, Constellations fabric  or her Halloween line, Guising, I am not sure which is my favorite.

Here are a few of the projects I have made with her fabrics:

[twocol_one]Halloween Mini by Crafty Planner[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Balloco Quilt by Crafty Planner[/twocol_one_last]

Admittedly, I am a Lizzy House fan girl. Being a fan girl means I stalk get excited when I can learn more about my interest. I watched the Creative Bug class on Fabric Design and enjoyed seeing the inside peak into her process. (If you have never seen this series, it is worth it!) At Quilt Con, I very briefly met her during her popup shop between classes. Before our podcast, I was not sure what to expect. When you admire someone and their work, it can be intimidating. I went through my normal research process and prepared questions in advance.

Even though I started the conversation with few expectations, I was still surprised at our conversation. If you are expecting a light conversation about fabric colors and the design process, you will be disappointed. If you want to hear Lizzy talk about artistic credit, how she designed her mystery and Meadow quilts with her emotions coming through her every word, or her feelings about the societal expectations of women, then you are in for a treat. Our conversation is the reason I wanted to start my podcast. I want to talk about these issues, hear other perspectives, learn from each other and find ways to leave the world a better place. I can not wait to hear what you think.

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Notes from the Show:

What’s in a Name blog post

Suppose (one of Lizzy’s favorite shopts)

Andover Fabrics

Jacqueline Sava of Soak

Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life by Wayne Dyer

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  1. Tangrams is the puzzle Lizzy was trying to find the name of. I very much enjoyed this episode and hearing Lizzy’s candor.

    I have to agree with Lizzy about in order to be considered an artist if you are a quilter you have to be male. I don’t think any resentment is being aimed at men specifically, but it is true that when a man enters into the realm of what has been traditionally considered “women’s work” their intentions are presumed to be something more than domestic and so their work is perceived to have creative and artistic merit. Conversely, women making quilts are following a tradition of women’s work and our collective understanding of quilt making is the tradition of necessity and survival rather than leisure and creative self-expression. Therefore, the burden of proof is still at women’s feet to prove their quilt work is more than utilitarian.

    This issue relates to the cringe-worthy question of whether a guest considered themselves an “artist” or a “maker”. It sounds like an “either, or” question but the truth is that artist are almost always makers of one stripe or another. Perhaps not all people who make do so out of a need to express their creativity, but most of the podcast guests are making their living in a creative field, are content creators and of course they are all artists (by any definition; outsider, fine, folk, textile, graphic, creative, commercial, etc.). The question is really a means of entering into a discussion about the paradigm shift that has taken place as we move away from making as a necessity to making as hobby and to making as Art.

    Looking forward to hearing more! I enjoy learning about what’s going in the quilting, crafting and sewing world.

  2. This was such a beautiful, profound interview. I loved it. I particularly appreciate Lizzy House’s notion of loving yourself and making yourself a priority in a way that doesn’t diminish one’s generosity but instead enhances it. That was, like, kind of mind-blowing for me. Thank you.

    1. Post

      Susan, I am glad we could blow your mind. Lizzy’s thoughts made me view our industry differently and added depth to her already amazing work. Thank you for listening.

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  3. I enjoyed listening to both of you, talking about inspiration and what the meadow quilt means to Lizzy – I love the meaning behind it and Lizzy’s belief in it (if that’s the right word to use, I think it is…)

    1. Post

      Thank you, Lia. There is something so powerful about how Lizzy designed the quilt and what it means to her. I am honored to share her story. Somehow just hearing about her process makes the quilt more meaningful for me. Thank you again for listening.

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