Craft Industry Alliance podcast with Crafty Planner

Podcast Episode #31: Craft Industry Alliance

Craft Industry Alliance podcast with Crafty Planner

When I was first starting out on my journey to be in the craft industry, I spent significant time researching a variety of topics. How do you start a blog? Should I use Word Press or Blogger? What should I name my business? Do I incorporate? Etc, etc, etc. As I have answered those initial questions for myself, there has only been more questions. Should I design patterns? Should I buy a barcode for my products? The reality is there will always be questions. Many sewers and quilters have been incredibly generous sharing their experiences with me. But you have to know whom to ask and remember that everyone’s experience is different.

The announcement about a new trade organization specifically designed for the craft industry was intriguing. What role would they play in the industry? How could they benefit me and other crafters like me? As you may have noticed, I am a very curious person who likes to ask questions! When I realized that Abby Glassenberg (while she naps) and Kristin Link (sew mama sew) were behind the organization, I knew this was something to take seriously. Both women provide valuable facets to our industry and their collaboration could be a helpful support system for other creative business owners.

During the podcast, we talk about how they came up with the idea of Craft Industry Alliance, what they want to provide their members and why this is important to them both personally and professionally. Even if you are not interested in joining, the discussion about their values and industry perspective is interesting and refreshing.

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Notes from the Show:

Abby’s podcast with Kristin Link

Abby’s article about what fabric designers earn

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      Susan, I love that we inspired you in a way I hadn’t considered! Having a great support system making a world of difference!

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