Sarai Mitnick on the Crafty Planner Podcast

Podcast Episode #37: Sarai Mitnick of Colette Patterns

Sarai Mitnick on the Crafty Planner Podcast

I have admired Sarai Mitnick of Colette Patterns/Seamwork from afar from quite some time. It started with her patterns. My first love was her Sencha pattern. I love the clean lines and feminine touches. Since Sencha, I have gone on to buy the Ceylon dress, the Iris shorts, the Juniper pants and the Negroni shirt from their men’s line Walden. Here is my “small” collection of their printed patterns:

Colette Patterns

Then she published the The Colette Sewing Handbook. Focusing on making a plan for your sewing, the importance of a good pattern, how to achieve a good fit, the importance of beautiful fabric and a professional looking finish, the Handbook helps you create a personalized wardrobe. She also tries to achieve a similar goal with her Wardrobe Architect series. My next love from her came in the form of the monthly Seamwork magazine. I was initially attracted to the bra pattern but issues like the one on men’s wear or the article from Jenny Rushmore about how sewing has changed her life keep me subscribing month after month.

All of Sarai’s work, from her photography to her illustrations, speak to me. They celebrate beauty and feminity. After listening to her podcast, I wanted to talk with her on my podcast and learn about her on a deeper level. During our conversation, we talk about how her background in user interface translates into her work now, the power of story telling across mediums, and why taking time to enjoy all aspects of sewing is important to her.

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Notes from the Show:

My podcast with Jenny Rushmore 

The Seamwork podcast with Jenny Rushmore

Death, Sex and Money podcast

The Joe Rogan show podcast

The Nerdist Podcast

Modcloth article about plus sizes

Moneta Dress pattern

Wren Dress pattern


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  1. I really enjoyed listening to both of you! Soulful, relevant and stimulating! Thank you for taking the time to share your connection and thoughts on matters that mean so much to me. I too have a degree in religious studies, am a nerd, and LOVE to sew. I’ve been a fan of Colette since my return to this love.

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