Podcast Episode #45: Frank Palmer

Frank Palmer on the Crafty Planner podcast

Born into a nomadic family, Frank Palmer of Full Frontal Quilt and Dyeworks learned to sew as a way to mend clothes and create needed textiles around the house. Utility sewing become a necessary hobby as he sewed on his mother’s Morse sewing machine. Eventually he wanted his own machine and through the goodwill of a store owner, he was able to acquire his own Morse. After sewing on it for years and taking it on countless plane rides, he bought a Bernina sewing machine in 1997. He continued his sewing adventures and bought several long arm machines along the way, including his APQS Freedom, which he loves and uses today.

David Bowie Tribute by Frank Palmer

Frank’s David Bowie Tribute Quilt

Now a full time long arm quilter, I initially found Frank through following down the “rabbit hole” of Instagram. What I discovered is an unique quilter adorned with interesting beard color choices who has a deep connection with his work and that of his client. Outspoken about his perspective on life and the quilt world, we talk about how he designs his quilts and quilting for his clients, the fulfillment of making and his thoughts on the recent discussion about male quilters. As a warning, there are cuss words in this episode so it has been labeled explicit. I hope you enjoy the show.

Cloudy Day by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Quilted by Frank Palmer

Cloudy Day by Victoria Findlay Wolfe and Quilted by Frank Palmer

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Notes from the Show:

Karen McTavish (and my podcast with her)

Ricky Tims

Harriet Hargrave

Ami Simms

Caryl Bryer Fallert

A few of the links related to the gender questions discussed in the podcast:

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A response by Stephanie Boon

A response by Stephanie Forsyth

A response by Molli Sparkles/Joshua Helms

A response by Hunter’s Design Studio/Sam Hunter

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