February 2016 Crafty Planner Challenge

Green Northcott Fabric Challenge by Crafty Planner

After my exploration with the red monochromatic color scheme for my January challenge, I decided to try greens for February.

Using the minimal improv exercise from Season Evans for the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club, I decided to make my mini quilt incorporating the idea of a “focus fabric” but in two very different ways.

For one side, I used this light beige as my focus fabric. I built around the beige with other green fabrics.

Green Northcott Fabric Challenge by Crafty Planner

For the other side, I used the dark green as my focus fabric. Committed to never using my dark green again in the design, I loved integrating the other shades of green and beige into the background.

Here are the two of them side by side:

[one_half]Green Northcott Fabric Challenge by Crafty Planner[/one_half][one_half_last]Green Northcott Fabric Challenge by Crafty Planner[/one_half_last]

I love how different they look even though they were made using the same design principle.

When I was thinking about how I wanted to quilt my mini quilt, I knew I wanted to try more hand quilting. (It’s an addiction. What can I say?) For this month, I found a gorgeous variegated green spool from Wonderfil Threads when I was at Road to California in January. In an effort to find the best thread, I have been trying different threads. This thread I choose is double gassed, meaning it has less lint. In fact, I didn’t find any lint. It was so soft to quilt with and also has an amazing sheen.

Green Focus on Concrete

For the binding, I also decided to try something new. Since one of the reasons I am challenging myself is to experiment, I love taking nothing for granted. During Gwen Marston‘s key note address (you can hear my podcast with her), she said she uses single fold binding on her quilts. Hmm… I had never thought of that. After googling and looking at a few different tutorials, I decided to go with Leann’s tutorial. I liked how the single fold sat on the quilt. A few people mentioned the corners are a bit tight and I would agree. Once I made the second corner though, I had it better figured out.

Green Northcott Fabric Challenge by Crafty Planner

Now I can not wait to work on March!


*Wonderfil has provided me with thread in the past but I purchased this thread. Northcott Fabrics provided me with the fabrics.

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