Podcast Episode # 50 : Diversity in the Quilting World Panel Discussion

Podcast Episode 50 Diversity Panel

Last weekend at Quilt Con West, I moderated a panel on Diversity in the Quilting World. I was honored to have Chawne Kimber, Giuseppe Ribaudo and Vanessa Vargas Wilson as my panelists. If their names sound familiar, it is because they were guests during my Diversity series on the podcast. You can find their podcasts using these links: Chawne, Giuseppe, and Vanessa. (Special shout out to Samarra Khaja who was our “mic girl” and also a past podcast guest).

With Chawne’s quilt “The One for Eric” (see the Los Angeles Times article here) and Melissa Averinos’ “My Brother’s Jeans” quilt taking center stage, there was a buzz around quilts telling our stories. With over two hundred tickets sold for the panel, we were prepared to share a bit about ourselves, our process and how we can make a difference with our work. I enjoyed the questions from the audience and hope it is one of the steps closer to talking about this issue on a larger scale.

Since the audio piece comes from a Periscope recording, I apologize in advance that it is not the best. Several people wanted the conversation to be in a permanent place so I am posting it here.

Thank you for listening to the podcast and being interested in this important topic.

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  1. Hi Sandi! Thank you for sharing this on your podcast. I appreciate the diversity of your panelists and learning more about them, and the open discussion about diversity in the quilting world. It’s good for everyone to be able to talk openly and honestly about our craft and experiences, good and bad.

  2. Thank you for recording and posting this panel discussion!

    I don’t know how seriously MQG is taking the questions/discussions re how to make QuiltCon more accessible and diverse but I think an answer was given early by Vanessa Vargas Wilson / craftygemini when she mentioned her online Quilt Club, noting that it allowed people unable to attend in person guild or cons to participate in a maker community.

    Individual scholarships are great, but those dollars don’t go very far. Money isn’t the only barrier for those who cannot attend–health, family, work are major obstacles. Streaming the sessions online live or later would be a great benefit to the community, and *will not* affect attendee ticket sales at all. To the contrary, it works as a promotional tool.

    A good model to consider was the inaugural Women’s Freedom Conference last October. Slightly different because it was 100% digital, but it was specifically designed to be streaming and free so it would be accessible for the most women possible.

    Thanks again! Great discussion.

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