Mighty Lucky March Podcast : Rossie Hutchinson

Rossie Hutchinson on the Crafty Planner podcast

I feel lucky (pun intended!) to host the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club podcast conversations. For January’s challenge, Krista Fleckenstein and I talked about using bias tape as a design feature. Season Evans hosted February’s challenge and talked about making minimal improv pieces. With her exercise as guidance, I made a mini quilt.

March’s designer is Rossie Hutchinson. Growing up in Wisconsin and currently living outside Ann Arbor, Michigan, Rossie’s parents intrigued her with the beauty of her surroundings. Her love for fabric, color and crafting grew and she learned to dye fabric and quilt. As the founder of the flickr group, Fresh Modern Quilts, she has the advantage of watching the modern quilt movement from its earliest online organizing days. Her work has been seen in magazines, books and QuiltCon and she teaches around the country.

For Rossie’s design challenge, she tackles “One Wrong Color”, an exploration to use color in your work. This challenge epitomizes Rossie’s work:

[one_half]Hexerley Swaitza by Rossie Hutchinson[/one_half][one_half_last]Combo-Four by Rossie Hutchinson[/one_half_last]

For our podcast, we talk about crafts of self sufficiency, love of color and the importance of credit and respect in the community. I hope you enjoy the episode.

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Notes from the Show:

Pink Castle Fabrics

Carolyn Friedlander

Robert Kaufman‘s Kona Cottons (you can find Curry and Raisin for sale at Fat Quarter Shop)

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This episode is sponsored by Fat Quarter Shop and Sewtopia.

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  2. These podcasts help excavate lost memories within our own creative lives seemingly lost to the 20th Century. That century to which some politicians want to return: WHY?

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