Podcast Episode # 52 : Violet Craft

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When I first saw the Waterfront Park fabric line by Violet Craft, I fell instantly in love. Initially drawn to the purple fabrics, the coral and navy prints perfectly complement the purple and showed me new ways to use my favorite color, purple. Over time, mustard yellow has become another inspirational color and I wish I had bought more of the dots!

Waterfront Park by Violet Craft

The fabric line introduced me to Violet and I have remained a fan ever since. Several of her prints are in my hoarded prints stash and I look forward to her new fabric releases.

Just when I thought she couldn’t be any more creative, she released her animal paper piecing patterns! Have you seen them?

[one_half]Lion by Violet Craft[/one_half][one_half_last]Screenshot 2016-03-05 09.41.09


Her ability to translate the world into a pattern is amazing. Using photographs and imaging software as her guide, Violet creates realistic paper piecing patterns and brings animals to life. (If you would like a free sample of her patterns, check out her pinecone pattern.)

When I went to Fall Quilt Market last year, I was hoping to meet a few of my favorite designers and lucked out with my time with Violet. We talk about the story during the podcast so I won’t spoil it. Needless to say, our introduction is my favorite Quilt Market story.

During the podcast, we talk about her childhood growing up with crafty grandparents and exploring her artistic side, the story behind her fabric collections and the importance of doing what you love. I hope you enjoy the episode.

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Notes from the Show:

Quilt Market

Amy Butler (Gypsy Caravan fabric line)

Sisters Quilt Show

Elephant Running in a Hotel Room Hallway video

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  1. Sandi, thank you for these podcasts. These give me an immense amount of inspiration!
    Violet, I just got a job at a local quilt shop and your fabric was just chosen by someone for a project! I saw the bridges (I lived in Portland, Oregon for eight years) and thought you may have a PDX connection. I love your work and you have inspired me to finally draw out some textile designs. I have been wanting to do this after first being a painter and then a sewer. I want to combine these two loves into the same world and you have given me inspiration to do this. Thank you!

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