2016 Crafty Planner Challenge for March

March CP Challenge On Floor

Starting in January, I challenged myself to make at least one mini quilt / quilt sketch a month inspired by my podcast with Gwen Marston. In January, I made a monochromatic red piece and for February, I made a green monochromatic quilt.

For March, I wanted to make a quilt to go over our chocolate brown couch. I knew I did not want to explore another monochromatic theme so I thought I would pick two similar colors and then a pop of color. The sienna red and cream seemed a natural fit for the chocolate brown and the vibrant blue was a perfect pop! Here is where the quilt lives today:

March CP Challenge on Couch

A common theme for all of my challenges has been hand quilting. I got a small taste of it before but for this month, I wanted to spend much more time hand quilting my piece. Using luscious Wonderfil 12 weight threads, I probably spent five hours quilting this piece. I started free form quilting and figured out that I would get a better result if I added chalk lines. (Again, this is another DUH moment for me.)  The very obviously awful lines were removed but I left some as a reminder of the learning process. I also feel in love with Clover gold eye embroidery needles. So nice!

March CP Challenge Close Up

I am still working on how to start and end my lines in a way that does not pop out later. Popping the knot through the center of the quilt works except I get closer to the edge of the quilt, the ends pop out if I end up cutting out the knot when I am squaring up the quilt. (And sometimes the end will pop up too.) This is why I am learning and exploring hand quilting. I learn more and more every time.

March CP Challenge on Cream Background

When I ordered the fabrics for the quilt, I did not think about the back. After I received the fabrics, I had a feeling one of my absolute favorite Denyse Schmidt prints would be perfect. And luckily, I was right!

March CP Challenge Back

I can not wait to work on April!


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